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It was not until my teens that I noticed that my penis would develop an 'smell', to put it one way.Despite morning showers, by the afternoon my penis would start to develop a slight odour, not strong, and not noticeable to others, but noticeable to me.

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I would also like to thank you in the advice offered last year, as discussed below, you will see that it has led to a successful solution.Several 'cosmetic' issues arose from the procedure, but those are outlined below.That was close to ten years ago now, and since that time I consider it to be the best decision I have made.Post sex hygiene I discovered was also a big issue, as ejaculate and fluids would collect under the foreskin, and if left would develop into an unpleasant paste.At this point I must say that my foreskin could cover the glans (head) of my erect penis.

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