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CRAWFORD Your instructors tell me you're doing well. A group of trainees jogs by, in matching sweats, following a p.e. CRAWFORD We're trying to interview all of the serial killers now in custody, for a psychobehavioral profile.

Hair neatly coiled, elegant shoulder bag, briefcase. Clarice tries, unsuccessfully, to hide her distaste for him. Chilton, but my instructions are to talk to Lecter and report back this afternoon. "THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS" by Ted Tally Based on the novel by Thomas Harris FADE IN: INT. GRUBBY HOTEL CORRIDOR - DAY (DIMLY LIT) A woman's face BACKS INTO SHOT, her head resting against grimy wallpaper. Ardelia who is helping Clarice unbuckle her bullet-proof vest, follows her worried gaze. NEW ANGLE - REVEALS CLARICE now wearing a more feminine skirt suit. Because this can be quite a fun town, if you have the right guide. CHILTON You know, we get a lot of detectives here, but I must say, I can't ever remember one so attractive... We've tried to study him, of course - but he's much too sophisticated for the standard tests.

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