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North American railroad workers are divided into different unions based on their craft of work and on some short lines, workers are not unionized at all. We are literally taking our organization “to the next level”, developing desperately needed staff personnel to assist in building up the organization as we approach our tenth anniversary Convention in April 2018.

In the US alone there are thirteen unions representing railroad workers with several more unions in Canada. READ MOREEver wonder just how much money your top union officials make? Department of Labor and is public information, available to anyone by simply checking the Do L website. To succeed in our efforts, RWU must get serious about fundraising.

Your decision to become a RWU SUSTAINER will assist us to grow and expand our efforts well beyond their current level.The Carriers: Most of the big Class One railroads along with other regional, terminal and port rail carriers bargain as a group known as the National Carriers Conference Committee, an arm of the National Railway labor Conference (NRLC).Currently, the umbrella includes: UP, BNSF, KCS, CSX, NS; a host of CN properties in the U. including IC, GTW and WC; and a variety of smaller roads.Because the carriers - represented by the National Carriers Conference Committee (NCCC) - have not presented a reasonable offer that is suitable to any of the three labor coalitions, the situation is at a stalemate.So here we are again, unable to reach agreement with our employers on basic questions of wages, benefits and work rules.

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