Andrew and whitney millionaire matchmaker still dating

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It's Monday and the first full week of the New Year!I can not be the only one who wishes I was still at home in these cozy J. I got them recently, they are in the beautiful shade Hydrangea and they are such an upgrade from my mismatched sweats!Mark and wife Rhea Durham, 39, looked affectionate on the beach Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA Lainie Kazan’s friends are worried and offering help because she seems to be IN DENIAL regarding her shoplifting arrest at the Gelson’s upscale supermarket located a few blocks from her house.She’s assuring concerned friends “it’s no big deal,” and isn’t taking the situation seriously, but they know it IS serious.The only downside is that he was also named the “Most Overpaid Actor in Hollywood” because his movies weren’t all that profitable.(The list of overpaid actors is long but there are very few overpaid actresses – because they are paid LESS.) Anyway, Mark and his family are frolicking in the ocean in Barbados and he still has that pained look on his face…And where would the not-so-famous actor Zylka get anywhere NEAR that kind of money?Photo: Paris Hilton Mark Wahlberg, 46, should be one of the happiest guys in Hollywood – not only is he married to a former Victoria’s Secret model, and they have four healthy kids, but, according to Forbes, he was the “Highest Paid Actor in Hollywood” last year – earning 68 million dollars!

When putting together this list I started with more than 25 companies I shop from, love, and want to make sure you are all aware but let's face, I talk about Kate Spade a lot and featuring them on this list wouldn't be a surprise to most.

The past few years I have done dry January but seeing as I will be in Paris in a few days that does not seem like the best idea.

Instead, I am going to recommit to my fitness goals but also try and strike that balance I talked about in last week's post.

Feldman is credited as one of the writers and producers of the film, so naturally he hired good looking actors to play himself (as a child and older.) We’re guessing the movie revolves mostly around HIM.

The last time we saw the tragic Corey Haim – he was smoking outside one of those celebrity autograph shows and he told the photographers – both pros and amateurs – crowded around him, that for he’d go to their hotel room and pose for them privately.

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