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Capital FM’s Anita Nderu is one of the hottest TV and radio personalities currently in the industry.

Capital FM presenter and showbiz personality Anita Nderu denied a number of rumours that have been doing rounds concerning her new weight and baby daddy apparent.

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Many people bought the narrative, hook line and sinker, and were expecting her to pop the litto tot soon. She gushed about him saying “My dad is not on Instagram but I called him to remind him that he is my superhero and I love him way too much and also tried to convince him that I am his favourite kid but he insists he loves us all the same😛. My Mummy made a great husband decision❤ I hope I end up with an equally fabulous man!

Those invited were to meet at the Railways Station, after which, transportation provided would move them to an undisclosed surprise party avenue.

A large number of people went to the comment section to ask if she was pregnant.“Haha for the 10th million time, I am not pregnant,” she tweeted denying the crazy rumors.

Also every time I tell him I love him (which is literally what I call to tell him almost every day) he says thank you😂 Today he said I love you too Gacheri !

So recently, the social media influencer decided to invoke lust among the Kenyan men after stepping out in a bikini, bikinis I should say, exposing everything (almost) for all the Njoros, Omosh’s and Kaloki’s to enjoy.

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