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Brands that focus on strong recognition can benefit immensely.Even if this is nothing that in Europe seems likely to be a huge success, in Asia people are loving their branded stickers.Connecting messaging and transactions in one channel and having one big player successfully doing so clearly highlights the relevance of exploring the opportunities of conversational commerce.Note: This article was originally published on the Mesaic Blog.Color printing today is generally handled using offset lithography.This printing process coats a rubber drum with the color and water necessary to produce the image. From the offset drum the image is transferred to the paper or other printable medium.Regional targeting of those in combination with notifications are tools to increase conversions, enabled by businesses can build branded stickers and emojis.These are then sold to customers and used within the messenger to communicate with friends.

Well, we will tell you all about them as they clearly indicate the potential of conversational commerce and the relevance of messaging for business.Additionally businesses can start campagnes and publish news as is also possible on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Businesses can also implement market research and draw relevant information for further analysis.While interaction plays an important role for businesses with LINE, they can also prepare and fulfill transactions within. As customers can save and manage coupons and customer cards businesses have the opportunity to set buying incentives.By doing so it has created opportunities for businesses to advert and sell their products or services.Opening up commercially is interesting for businesses if there is already an existing number of users on the platform.

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