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I submit to the custom to a cer- tain extent, but not in an apologetic sense. This lake is about ten miles in length, though com- paratively narrow, with its outlet the " Damariscotta Fresh Falls," which is the water power at Damariscotta Mills, but always thus designated in earlj- history. — A small cove on Linekin Bay making into the mainland of Boothbay Harbor, on what was formerly known as the Allen Lewis place, where that party had a wharf and fishing stand. It has a length of about three miles by a breadth of one to one and one-half miles. — A narrow cove extending from Damariscotta Bay, northwesterly, into Linekin Neck about one mile, nearly cutting it in two parts. 23 fully note the chart of this locality will obsei've that Linekin Neck came near being two islands. They had but one regular meal and that was at evening. July 12, 1775 ; service in seacoast defense at Boothbay. They had been out eight days, captured one American brig and had the prisoners aboard. From tinie immemorial it has been the custom of authors, when the volume was completed, to write an apology for its infliction upon the public and place it at the beginning of the book, calling it the preface. The other principal islands on that side of the main, included in Sheepscot waters, are Barter's, Sawyer's, Isle of Springs, Indiantown and Hodg- don's Islands. Draining a territoiy of similar extent and parallel, easterly, with the Sheepscot River is Jefferson Lake and its principal inlets. — That body of water between Linekin Neck and Spruce Point, the harborage qualities of which are only second to Boothbay Harbor proper. — Extending above Lewis Cove to a point east from Pisgah. Beds of evergreen boughs and twigs were ranged in a sort of windrow form along the sides, upon which they slept at night and sat upon while doing their work on garments or snowshoes during the day. It proved to be the Croion, a privateer from Halifax, thirty-five tons, carrying twenty men. If distance presents a problem, try joining a Maine genealogy mailing list for the locality and perhaps you will locate someone in the area who can do a newspaper lookup for you.B65g 1151704 I EN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRAB 3 1833 01083 7521 ^ it^o 'j S ^ Francis. It is a plodding task for any one to undertake, par- ticularly the genealogical work. It does not require a high order of ability to perform the kind of work necessary, but it does require labor, patience and system. When the Boothbaj' line is reached, as is the case opposite in the Sheepscot, the Damaris- cotta fully doubles its width by means of Wadsworth, Burn- ham and Pleasant Coves. They formerly' pounded their corn in stone mortars, and boiled their water in wooden troughs and trays by inseiliug red-hot stones. Thej^ marched between seven and eight miles, when meeting a larger force of militia they were beaten back, retreating to their boats and thence to their vessel. The first year and a half in town I lived at Boothbay Center, in a part of the residence of William Kenniston. This distance is about two and three-eighths miles. A width taken through Boothbay Center is but three and three-fourths miles ; while a measurement taken from a point opposite Tibbetts Island, in Back River, to the Damariscotta lacks but one-fourth mile from the widest point given. — This name has applied since the earliest records to the river separating Boothbay, Edgecomb and Newcastle, on the west, from Bristol, Damariscotta and Nobleboro, on the east. De Leon and Ayllon, of his own country, had discovered and explored Floi'ida in 15, as far as 33° north. No navigator of his time knew better than Verrazzano just what localities had been visited up to that date by voyagers and fishermen, and he interpreted it at once as an indication that the Indian race, in these parts, was dis- affected from treatment they had received from European visitors. La Roche, in 1598, under a commission from Henry IV, sailed west to Sable Island. After the close of the latter more attention than ever was given to the regular "training days," or musters. He was a man of rare conversational powers and had a very reten- tive memory. An abstract from the charter, covering this feature, follows : "Beginning at the most Northerly part of a Bay called the Oven's Mouth, and from thence to run an East South East Course to Damariscotta Eiver ; thence Southerly down said River to the Sea or Western Ocean, then to run Westerly on the Sea Coast as the Coast lies to the Mouth of Sheepscot River, then to run Northerly up Sheepscot River between Jeremy Squam Island and Barter's Island to the Cross River at the head of said Barter's Island and from thence over the Water to the most Northerly part of the Oven's Mouth afore- said with all the islands in Damariscotta River below or to the PHYSICAL AND DESCRIPTIVE. From where the stage road crosses the Edgecomb line to Spruce Point is eight miles ; from the same place to Ocean Point is nine miles. — Two dangerous ledges about three- fourths mile southerly from Cape Newagen. The Damariscotta "fresh falls" and "salt falls" were earlj'^ terms used in this region. The post office of Trevett was established there in 1882. John Cabot, in 1497, and Sebastian Cabot, who was a friend and correspondent, in 1498, had vis- ited Newfoundland and Labrador ; therefore, Gomez sought an unworked field. He noted another peculiarity of the Indians on this coast, which strengthened his suspicions ; while at the South the natives were pleased with any trinket or ornament, here they wanted nothing but fishhooks, knives, or some iron or steel instrument that would cut, and appeared as though they had learned the use of such articles. In 1556 Andre Thevet sailed from Florida along the North Atlantic coast to Newfoundland. They originated in a fancied necessity and developed into a sort of holiday, — in fact, almost the only one which the peo- ple in country places obtained.

In 1904, at the annual meetings, each town voted to contract with me for a certain number of copies of the work ; Boothbay and Boothbay Harbor taking 400 copies each and Southport 100 copies. As one might reasonably expect among any population, on any subject presented for consideration, there has been some indifference, but I have noted no real hostility. It has also been done when inscriptions in cemeteries differed from the town record. Holton, Boothbay Harbor, and presented to the author. It contains (1905) three churches, five school buildings, in which are thirteen schoolrooms where schools are regularly in session ; opera house, including the several lodge rooms ; steamboat landings, custom house, two post offices, stores representing nearly all kinds of merchan- dise, restaurants and bakeries ; six hotels, besides man}' boarding houses open in summer ; all of the sardine canning establishments within the territory included in this work, the cold storage plant, two marine railways, six livery stables and a part of the boat-building and ice-storing establishments of the locality. — A name given to that part of Linekin Neck which is situated south of a line drawn from the head of Little River westerly to Linekin Bay, in deeds and PHYSICAL AND DESCRIPTIVE. The harbor has about twenty feet of water, toward the settlement from the wharf, being free from shoals, so that vessels may lay close in shore. It takes its name from the Decker family who owned land about it in early times. — Also sometimes called Webber's or Narrows Island. — A point just southerly from East Boothbay Village, purchased several years ago for the purpose of summer resort development by Mr. The Cabots were seeking both territory and a northwest pas- sage to Cathay, and their knowledge of geography and naviga- tion, and the principle of what is termed "great circle sailing," led them to make those far north land falls. I have dropped all unnecessary words, simply giving date and names of the contracting parties, and the town, where either party lived in some other than Boothbay. July 27, Samuel Pierce and Elizabeth Thompson, Monhegan.

At that time I first learned some- thing of how important a part was played upon these shores in the early history of the District of Maine. The boundaries of this territorj' are natural, excepting the line between Boothbay and Edgecoml). The extravagance of hope and the fever of adventure knew no bounds." ' Spain confined herself, principally, to that part of America near the equator, notably to Central America, Peru, Mexico, the "West India Islands and Florida. In 1524 Verrazzano, a Florentine in the service of France, explored the coast from near the site of Wilmington, N. He skirted the coast along, touching near the site of Portsmouth, and then made his cruise along the shores of the Gulf of Maine. effect to emphasize the rejoicings of the inhabitants when the end was announced.

At the same time 1 noted how fast the sources of information were fading and fleeting from us by the loss or defacement of both public and private records and the decease of aged persons in the com- munity. By the trend of the bay at Oven's Mouth to the eastward and the similar opposite formation of the Damariscotta to the west- ward, the line runs across almost the narrowest part of the town from west to east. The only official Spanish expedition to the noi'thern Atlantic coast of America was undertaken by Gomez, sailing from Corunna, soon after Feb- ruary 10, 1525, with the intention of making the intermediate coast his objective point. He stated that while at the South he found the natives agreeable and gen- tle, here, on the Maine coast, they were in an irritable state, rude and ill-mannered. an average of about two vessels a day sailed from French ports for Newfoundland. The local militia had been kept up throughout Maine towns from the close of the Revolution to the breaking out of the "War of 1812.

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