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An example of another statistical difference evident in the exploitation of Spectre arises from the training of the branch predictor.

One interesting indicator is the occurrence of segmentation faults in the kernel address space and the abovementioned pattern of exploiting the cache as a side-channel.

The abovementioned insights lead to the conclusion that code that exploits the Meltdown vulnerability will be characterized by speculative code which reads inaccessible memory, followed by a write to user controlled memory.

This is then followed by a large amount of cache misses in order to exfiltrate the data into an overt-channel.

Variant 2 of the Spectre vulnerability is based upon the techniques described in variant 1 in order to subvert the normal operation of the branch predictor.

This variant exploits the design of the branch predictor to subvert speculative code to execute attacker controlled paths.

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