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Anyways, CSD has allowed me to experiment a bit with all kinds of markets, gameplay decisions, community outreach, etc.It’s accessible immediately in the new Mode Select start screen, and is designed much like the Iron Cook challenges, but a lot more detailed and much deeper than any challenge based mode in the past.You can even do a Tag Team Versus mode where it’s two verses two chefs!Great for veteran cooks who want to play competitively.

Here’s all the modes you can play via local multiplayer: Tag Team Strikes (2-4 Players, single player mode also available)In this mode there are twelve challenges, each with five waves of food.

A mistake on any recipe will earn you a strike…and in some cases, three strikes means you’ve failed the challenge.

There are three levels of completion per challenge: Standard (perfect/average orders only), Standard Perfect and Extreme Perfect, where you cannot make a single mistake.

Player 2 should be watching attentively, because once those fifteen seconds are up, the entire game screen freezes and player 1’s controls are locked out.

Player 1 now has five seconds to relay everything player 2 needs to do before the game resumes play. Imagine being midway done with an order, only to be locked out and having to retrace your steps to the next player so they can finish the recipe perfectly.

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