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Are you ready for the party to start.” A male voice suddenly asked. And just think of the money.” The door closed and the lawn was plunged back into darkness.

I was still numb from the shock but now I understood it all.

I came to the conclusion that the man she was seeing behind my back must work with her, so I decided to follow her to the next event and find out exactly what was going on.

Kelly picked up my wife shortly before 8pm that Saturday night; I was already outside the house, waiting further down the street in a rented car, so when Kelly pulled onto the street and drove past me, I discreetly followed them.

She had been fucked by at least seven different guys. The whole thing started a few months ago, really when she lost her job due to the economic downturn.

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I had a piece of the blonde one that night, but the one with the curly black hair is on the menu tonight.” “Yeah she’s really sexy. ” “Hell, why not, just so long as we switch after a while I want to fuck her and have her blow me.” They high-fived each other, picked up a bottle of wine and swaggered back out of the room.

Just as I looked in two men came into the room and I jumped back into the shadows.

“You’ve got to hand it to Eric, he certainly knows how to throw a bachelor party.” One of the men said.

In the months that followed she helped Kelly at three more events and earned another £3000, but sank deeper into the gloom that had enveloped her.

I eventually came to the conclusion that she was having an affair, stupid I know, but how could I have guessed that the problem really was that she was working as a high-class call girl.

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