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In the pre- sent work it has been deemed expedient to include many such important words ; and in cases where they are purely local, or South-American, a note to that effect has been given. Moreover, it frequently happens that words which are first introduced by commercial men are admitted into the language in course of time. Abrazar, v., to embrace, to com- prise, to contain. Abrigar, v., to shelter, to protect, to patronise ; to entertain, to harbour. Abreviar, v., to abbreviate, to abridge, to curtail, to shorten, to lessen, to condense. The use of the dash and brackets may be briefly explained. There is likewise some confusion between the prefixes " ex " and " es," and one often meets with estraño for extraño, estranjero for extranjero, etc. Acarrear, v., to carry, to convey, to forward ; to bring about, to cause. Gastos — s, incidental expenses, addi- tional charges.

That the work is thoroughly up to date will be readily seen by reference to such words as " wireless tele- graphy, Marconigram, aeroplane, typist, taxi-cab, under- ground railway, etc.," which are not to be found in most Spanish-Enghsh dictionaries pubhshed hitherto. Line 4 1st 31 53 2nd 2 70 1st 21 112 „ 34 223 „ 6 281 2nd 19 288 321 20 11 12 Acoger. v." read " v." For "Cénit" read " Cenit." Contrafianza. For " española " read " española." 157 OMISSION 2nd Penultimate line . Abandonar, v., to abandon, to give up, to leave, to desert. Abastecer, i.v., to provide, to supply, to find ; r.v., to supply or provide oneself. — de pedir, not to order (or ask), to refrain from asking. , to trespass on the kindness of, to impose upon, to take advantage of.

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