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However, while R2 introduces too many characters and has to shift back and forth awkwardly between the factions, Gundam 00 introduces fewer new characters and makes the shifts amongst them much more fluidly, going for "Let’s integrate all the factions into the episode" rather than Geass R2’s "focus here for one episode, focus there for another." 00 also focuses on the protagonists much better.

The antagonists (that fat blonde guy), along with Bushido, along with the Innovators, could have used more development, but at least I got a better idea of their true personalities better than the Knights from Geass R2.

There’s still a lot to like, such as the more complex story, matured characters, and many characters just finding their true selves during their personal struggles. It’s still a likable series, but it just tossed away its potential for becoming a masterpiece about 2/3 of the way in.

The conclusion of the first season left a bad taste in my mouth.

As a result, it's a very difficult premise to execute well.

One of biggest logical gaps for me is still the idea that Celestial Being's two hundred-year old technology can be superior to that of current-day armies, especially since Celestial Being itself seems to have a very poor understanding of the machines they're making use of.

It blows my mind that most of the characters didn't even seem to know exactly what the "real" purpose of their organization was.

It's one thing to keep the audience in the dark, but seriously, even the characters didn't know?

Throw in a good dosage of how it relates the present day world and great voice acting, and you’ve got a recipe for one of the most popular series now. The main characters were reintroduced very well, preserving the characteristics they were known for and refining them, along with offering a slightly different side of their personality.

Thus, the big plot elements were placed on the back burner and left to overcook.

The series has to rush to resolve these big issues, but didn’t get to do so until the last 3 episodes or so, so it was a miracle that episodes 23 and 24 didn’t feel too rushed.

Peoples all over the world and in space soon find themselves stripped of freedoms and forced to live under the A-Laws enforced doctrines all in the name of “unity” and “peace”.

Aware of A-Laws misuse of power, Celestial Being reemerges with the intent of stopping the A-Laws and correcting their past mistakes.

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