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Meyer, her agent, and her editor all liked the character so much that they decided to give him a larger role in the following book, New Moon, with Meyer referring to the character as, "my favorite gift that New Moon gave to me." "Jacob was my first experience with a character taking over—a minor character developing such roundness and life that I couldn't keep him locked inside a tiny role....

From the very beginning, even when Jacob only appeared in chapter six of Twilight, he was so alive. More than I should for such a small part." Meyer has said that after Jacob started emerging as a prominent character in New Moon.

Sam first emerges from the woods, Laurent noticing more emerge runs an away.

Sam closes in on him but is struck back by Laurent just before he was about to tackle him.

Jacob is given a small role in the first book of the series.

He is introduced as the son of Billy Black, an old Swan family friend.

In the second book of the series, he discovers that he can shapeshift into a wolf.

After Edward mistakenly believes she has died and plans to kill himself, Bella and Edward's sister, Alice Cullen, rush to Italy to prevent his suicide, leaving Jacob hurt and resentful.Later, during the scene when Jacob visits Bella and Edward to discuss the vampire Victoria's return, he tells Bella that he misses her and wishes that they could remain friends.With Edward's approval, Bella begins to visit Jacob on a regular basis.Jacob "Jake" Black is a character in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.He is described as an attractive Native American of the Quileute tribe in La Push, near Forks, Washington.

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