Kevin eggan dating

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You didn’t tart yourself up.” • Head-to-head with Patrick Dempsey, whose hair would win? • Their height: “We’re the tallest band in the world! Says bassist Mark Stoermer, 6’5″: “A lot of bands are like 5’5″.” The other guys: Vannucci, 6’2″, Flowers, 5’11”. • And last but not least, the tunes: “It’s joyous,” says Flowers of the CD. In August 2004, Eggan moved to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as a junior fellow, becoming an assistant professor of Molecular & Cellular Biology at their Stem Cell Institute ("HSCI") in 2005.At the time, stem cell research in the United States was threatened by political pressure due to concerns over the ethics of human embryo research, and research such as this was at risk of potentially being made illegal.I also used to play folk guitar and sing in a Scottish folk band.” • Heritage: “My father was a Scottish traditionalist, and I share that. I really like to make cassoulet.” • Hobnobs: “People can’t believe I know how to socialize and have a good time. I’m not settling, which could be why I’m single.” • Between scenes … I’m working on a CD.” • Turn-on: “Even though I played college baseball, I’m not Johnny Sports Talker. To show affection even though you’re both tired, that’s romantic.” JOHN KRASINSKI SEXIEST His character Jim can’t make it past friends status with coworker Pam.

In his series, Diggs repeats the same 24 hours again and again. I think I’m the only professor in the class.” THE KILLERS SEXIEST BAND Gone are the skinny Euro suits and eyeliner that made them stars. I can make girls smile when they’re down, and when we’re having a good time, I can carry on the joke.” • Romantic: “I love big gestures.” • Loves kids: “The wallpaper on my computer is my niece Hannah.

I wouldn’t call it wisdom, but a definite connection.” • Romantic advice for his sons, now ages 12 and 8: “Always treat a woman right. • On the road: “I collect vintage cars and motorcycles and love cruising by myself.

” ENRIQUE MURCIANO SEXIEST TV G-MAN AGE: 33 STATUS: SINGLE SEE HIM ON: CBS’S When Murciano, who plays an FBI missing persons expert, wants to lose himself, he can be found …

• His grooming routine: “In my everyday life it’s very low-maintenance,” he says. I’ve still got it now, so there but for the grace of God go I.” RYAN CABRERA SEXIEST DO-IT-YOURSELFER Cabrera, 24, at work on his third album, allows his fans to go where pro stylists are forbidden. “No one knows your hair as well as you do.” Step 1 Blow-dry. “I don’t use a comb or brush, just a few fingers.” Step 3 Straighten. • The outlaw attire: “We got tired of having our pants pressed,” says drummer Ronnie Vannucci of their old look.

“I grew up in a country town with mainly guys, like six guys to one girl. “I had someone do my hair once, and I washed it and did it myself right after. After washing his naturally thick, curly hair, Cabrera dries it for 15 minutes, pulling the sides down and the front up to create a faux hawk. • The mustaches: “It’s my tribute to Jim Croce,” says lead singer Brandon Flowers. “I told my wife I need to drink as much wine and smoke as many cigars as possible.” • Go the whole nine yards. I’ll work on that next.” DEREK LUKE SEXIEST GOOD GUY AGE: 32 STATUS: MARRIED SEVEN YEARS TO ACTRESS SOPHIA LUKE; EXPECTING FIRST BABY IN MARCH SEE HIM IN: He plays passionate characters who overcome adversity and do the right thing.

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