Naked bow hunter

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Wesley's video, which he uploaded on Monday, starts by showing the bear meandering around and seemingly unaware he was nearby.

But as the bear begins walking towards where he is, Wesley - who is holding a bow - attempts to scare the animal off by standing up and making a loud noise.

We started 48 days ago…78 snakes removed,' Juan Valdes of SFWMD told WFOR.

Crum added that just one capture can prevent several more from emerging in the Everglades.

He then starts backpedaling while continuing to shout, but the bear is undeterred and charges straight for Wesley.

It then makes a terrifying leap directly at Wesley, seemingly at about shoulder or neck height.

Hunters are given an additional 0 for each eliminated python found guarding nests with eggs and, in the case of this one, there were 78 eggs found.

Researchers estimate that at least 30,000 and upwards of 300,000 pythons likely occupy southern Florida and that this population will only continue to grow.

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A typical female breeds every other year, produces a clutch of between twenty and fifty eggs, and can live for twenty years or more.'It is a small program right now.Crum's massive catch, however, netted him 5 - the same amount it would cost to sell the skin.The snake was the biggest caught during this round of hunting, although not the biggest ever.Naked people are funny, after all, especially paired with a prudish costar to react to them, or in a situation where they're not expected or wanted.A character who ends up naked in a place they don't expect may need to use Hand-or-Object Underwear or a Scenery Censor to hide — from the camera, that is — after losing their Modesty Towel (and they lose their Modesty Towel).

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