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A short play is a ' One-Act-er', a play with one interval has two Acts etc. 2) The thing Actors can do which makes them different from Techies (!! A change of either scenery, lighting, costume, props or other technical elements between acts of a play or musical.Theatres with little backstage space may have to reconfigure scenery stored offstage during the interval so that the next act runs smoothly.There is a 2% error rate that is attributed to the home nature of the test and user error such as taking the test too early or not providing enough blood samples.However, levels of fetal DNA vary from pregnancy to pregnancy and there may not always be sufficient volumes of DNA in the 9th week to provide an accurate result.Recovery Lighthouse is a state of the art alcohol and drug rehab in West Sussex.

In the case that it can be proven that the result of the test is incorrect, we will provide a 100% refund.

A typical contract will have at least one of these days, when the actors may be kept at work for 10 hours out of a maximum of 12. 9am to 9pm) there will be either two 1 hour breaks or one two hour break for food, and a total of 10 hours of work.

Whilst the work day is long, the intensity allows a great deal of progress to be made.

That area within the performance space within which the actor may move in full view of the audience.

Also known as the playing area This term is also used to describe the smaller subdivisions of the main stage area which are lit separately by the lighting designer (e.g.

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