Rss feed not updating in iweb alena dating 29

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I have been testing Ever Web’s new blogging features for the last few weeks.My goal is to convert this web site to an Ever Web web site now that blogging is provided, and it looks like it is now time for anyone else to convert their i Web website to an Ever Web website with this update.Within 10 days (depending on the size of the i Web site), you’ll be back in business with the ability to update your website with Ever Web, with absolutely no work on your part.

No matter which option you choose, I want to relieve the frustration you may have when updating your i Web site.

Some web browsers will even show a warning if a website is not using HTTPS which can scare away potential visitors from your website. You can usually purchase one from your hosting company.

Once you have an SSL certificate you need to forward your old http website to the new https website.

What the above code does is tell your web server to forward any traffic going to https:// to redirect to the https:// version.

Your website visitors don’t have to do anything more and they are automatically forwarded to your secure website.

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