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In 1977, an unassuming house in Enfield made the news in a big way. Instead, Peggy Hodgson claimed that her house had been infiltrated by an evil entity.Hodgson claimed that her daughter, Janet, told her that her brothers’ beds were shaking and vibrating.She and the children were unable to move it back to its original place.In addition to all of this, there was a strange knocking throughout the house and Janet seemed to be able to levitate above her bed.Murphy rubbished all claims of the paranormal until he himself saw dark shadows moving through walls one night.Then doors started to slam shut on their own while no one else was in the theater.That is, until he worked security in the Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake City in 2012.Murphy was a guest on the Syfy TV show in which he detailed exactly what he and other officers had experienced during their time at the theater.

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Upon investigating, she saw a chest of drawers moving by itself.One of the detectives who was also being interviewed mentioned hearing about a ghostly tale of an old Red Cross worker that appeared to some of the officers while they were working.The woman tried to serve them coffee and sandwiches, as was the Red Cross duty during World War II.Afterward, the police left the house, stating that they could not assist the family since there was no perpetrator breaking the law.Whether true or not, the events in the Enfield home were featured in the hit horror movie Sheriff’s deputy Dave Murphy was a complete skeptic when it came to the paranormal.

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