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It seems to her that many people are unaware of options to resolve their traffic citations other than paying fine.

In this short speech, she informed a little bit Kanpai members about traffic tickets to the extent time permits.

She invited the audience to hop on a imaginary time-machine going back to the 14-years-ago Minnesota and the US and picture the scenes of her life back then. 10th, Izumi will bring a mochi maker and Alicia will bring a special French sweet to celebrate the New Year.

Any suggestions or contributions to make the meeting special are welcome!

Evaluated by Kimiyo Table Topics ------------------------------------------ The winner of the Table Topics Award for this meeting was Hemant, congratulations!

Announcements/Suggestions ------------------------------------------ - Members (9): Alicia, Heidi, Izumi, Justin, Kimiyo, Mike, Narumi, Yoko, Yukiko. Theme: Stress management Word of the day: Invigorating 活気づける Toastmaster: Kimiyo General Evaluator: Alicia Grammarian: Izumi Ah Counter: Narumi Table Topics: Kimiyo Timer: Yukiko Hospitality: Izumi Prepared Speeches ------------------------------------------ Speaker 1: Heidi CC manual #9: Persuade With Power Speech Title: テレビゲームのすすめ - Why kids (and adults) should play video games Heidi defended the idea that video games can be beneficial for children as well as adults. Evaluated by Yoko Speaker 2: Izumi CC manual #3: Get to the Point Speech Title: Money can't buy love but it can buy a cure 2014 started out not well for Izumi.

at each meeting Announcement: The club will celebrate the 10th anniversary at the next meeting on March 21 with special guests. - What is the most important quality of a good mentor? Table Topics ------------------------------------------ Shinichi had prepared some questions around the theme of the meeting ("Carnival"): - Tell us more about a carnival from your country or region.

She explained the idea of 諸行無常 ( all things are in flux, nothing is permanent) in easy to understand words to inspire audience as we go through ups and downs of our lives.

The ideas collected in the brainstorning session are as follows: Category 1 First Impressions Category 2 New Member Orientation -Mentor greets new members -Provide specific instructions and encouragement to new members Category 3 Fellowship, Variety, Communication Category 4 Program Planning, Meeting Organization -More social activities such as picnic -Go to events together -Encourage members to participate in events such as speech contests and trainings -Toastmasters reminds members of signing up in easy-speak -Provide extra training for new members to be Toastmaster -Time management -Evaluation contest within the club Category 5 Membership Strength Category 6 Recognizing Accomplishments -Advertise the club at members' own workplace -Use newspapers, Facebook, etc. He will go back to Japan to reunite with his family back home. ys Table Topics ------------------------------------------ Kimiyo had prepared some questions around the theme of the meeting ("Unforgettable mentor"): - What is the difference between a mentor and a teacher?

-Announce upcoming theme/speech -Reach out members who stopped coming -Recognize best speaker, outstanding behavior, etc. - What is the difference between a mentor and a coach?

Members (12): Alicia, Emi, Heidi, Hemant, Hiroko, Izumi, Kimiyo, Mike, Narumi, Shinichi, Yoko, Yukiko. Theme: Year End Celebration Word of the day: Hindsight - あとの知恵 Toastmaster: Yoko General Evaluator: Yukiko Grammarian: Kimiyo Ah Counter: Yukiko Table Topics: Narumi Timer: Emi Hospitality: Kimiyo Prepared Speeches ------------------------------------------ Speaker 1: Heidi CC manual #10: Inspire Your Audience Speech Title: Live on Purpose!

「わざと」人生を送ろう! In this speech Heidi shared tips from the book "The Secret to Peak Productivity" by Tamara Myles that can help us be more organized, productive, and successful.

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