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There are many more serious exegetical problems with the framework view.23 Third, Genesis 1–11 has the same characteristics of historical narrative as Genesis 12–50, most of Exodus, much of Numbers, Joshua, 1 and 2 Kings, etc.

Genesis 1–11 describes real people by name, real events in their lives, real places and geographical areas by name,24 real times (days, months, years25), etc.

Most advocates of these views have also reinterpreted the account of Noah’s Flood to be a large but localized flood in the Mesopotamian Valley (modern-day Iraq) or a myth, which in either case has no bearing on the geological record, which supposedly reveals the millions of years.

Nevertheless, Green had a significant influence on a great many scholars who have taught Christians that we all need to simply “agree to disagree” about the time before Abraham.

Several lines of evidence demonstrate that this introductory section of Scripture is to be understood as history.

First, the Hebrew waw-consecutive verb forms used in Genesis 1 (and continuing through the rest of the book) are characteristic of Hebrew narrative, but not of Hebrew poetry.22 Second, Genesis 1 does not have the dominant characteristic of Hebrew poetry, namely parallelism, where the truth in the first part of a verse is repeated in different ways in the second part (e.g., ).

From my reading and interaction with old-earth creationists of all varieties in 25 countries over the last 35 years, I think one reason many of them think they can harmonize the two is that they have not paid very careful attention to the relevant biblical texts.

The sea creatures made on day 5 filled the water (which was made on day 1) of the seas, which was formed on day 3 (not day 2).

And nothing was made on day 6 to fill the seas, which were made on day 3.

But Genesis 1–11 is not less than history, and what it teaches on the latter themes is rooted in that history.

If the history is not true, then the theology, morality, and gospel based on that history is seriously called into question if not rejected.

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